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World Conference on Forests for Public Health

  • 4 Oct 2023
  • 7 Oct 2023
  • Sherbrooke, Québec

The World Conference on Forests for Public Health (WCFPH) is a prestigious international event that will be held from October 4 to 7 in Sherbrooke (Qu├ębec, Canada). The conference aims to bring together experts, practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders from the forestry and public health sectors to explore the critical connections between forests and public health.

The WCFPH presents an exceptional opportunity for you and your members to share knowledge, exchange experiences, and contribute to the global dialogue on the health benefits of forests.

By participating in the conference, you will have the chance to:

  • Engage in insightful discussions and workshops led by renowned experts in the fields of forestry and public health.
  • Present your organization's experiences, research findings, and success stories related to the health benefits of forests.
  • Network with international delegates, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, forging valuable connections and potential collaborations.
  • Learn about the latest advancements, research findings, and innovative practices in the fields of forests and public health.

Please visit our website, which provides detailed information about the event, the themes, and the registration process.

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