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White Ash Cane - Vine Twisted - Box Elder Top

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White Ash Cane - Bittersweet Vine Twisted - Box Elder Top - 31 inches long About the Artist 's Work - Laird Nelson This walking stick is 100% natural and made from Laird Nelson in Codrington Ontario who personally collects the sticks with the most interesting stories and characteristics. Vines entwine tightly around the sticks causing swirls to form as the tree wants to continue to grow. Hardwood sticks come from local woodlots and the vine is Bittersweet. Popular sticks comes from the boreal forest and the vine is honeysuckle. Diamond willow sticks are created by a virus that kills young stems while the surround continues to grow creating diamond shapes. The process for making the walking sticks takes a lot of time and love. First the sticks are peeled by hand with a small hand knife and let to dry for a year. They are then sanded several times with different grain-sized reciprocating sanders. Next they are hung upside down and coated several times, sanding in between coats, with external grade polyurethenene. Finally the bottom piece is made with salvaged alumnium and either tempered or wedged on with two part apoxy . Most are also drilled with one or two holes for a lanyard. Shipping & handling is included in the price. HST will be applied when final order is submitted.

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