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OWA Bridges the Gap between Agriculture and Forestry with our involvement in Agriculture and Agri-food Canada's Living Labs Program

This September 2022, The Ontario Woodlot Association was one of two organizations that were successful with the Round 1 Grant Application in Ontario ($100K) which has given us the capacity to embark on a more detailed Round 2 Application. See Federal Announcement here: https://agriculture.canada.ca/en/agriculture-and-environment/agricultural-climate-solutions/agricultural-climate-solutions-working-together


The objective of this Living Labs program is to help Canada to meet 2030 and 2050 targets in the federal Climate plan through co-development and adoption of beneficial management practices (BMPs) within the agricultural sector that:

  • Sequester carbon and mitigate GHG
  • Provide social, economic and environmental co-benefits

 We have developed a survey below to help us to determine the beneficial management practices that are the most important to you so we can co-develop research trials that help to answer questions and reduce barriers to adoption of those practices. 

 Please note that your information will not be used beyond the scope of this application. All information collected is subject to the Ontario Woodlot Association Privacy policy. If we are successful with this grant, we will move forward with the creation of several policies and contracts to explicitly align on key topics such as data management. 

If you have not already sent in your Letter of Support and would like to, please contact Olyvia.foster@ontariowoodlot.com.

Please complete the survey below before November 20th. The questions in this survey have been informed by our several Farmer-Centered Ideation Sessions lead by Erica and Olyvia, and our farm field visits lead by our Technical Coordinator Elliot. If you have not yet had a chance to attend an ideation session or welcome a field visit but want to, please note this in the application below so we can set more up.  If you have not had the chance, please see the Informational Powerpoint by Dr. Thevathasan.


Feel free to ask questions at anytime to Erica Dixon erica.dixon@ontariowoodlot.com (Agroforestry Program Coordinator) or call 647 564 2134.

Olyvia Foster at olyvia.foster@ontariowoodlot.com  (Communications Coordinator)

Elliott Groen at elliottgroen@gmail.com (Agroforestry Technical Coordinator)

Please Fill out the Survey Below

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OWA Regional Map As a Reference for Living Labs Survey. 

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